OptiTrack releases PrimeX series

OptiTrack released the new PrimeX camera series, replacing all Primes : PrimeX13, PrimeX13W, PrimeX22 and PrimeX41

The X is for a new on-board processor that makes the grayscale sharper and thus the tracking better. They have a new space grey aluminum finish and a slight new design body for the PrimeX22 and PrimeX41. PrimeX13 and PrimeX41 have less IR LEDS but offer longer range than before. 

That brings us to best of all: NO PRICE CHANGE ! 

PrimeX cameras are fully backward compatible but clients will need Motive 2.2 at least so make sure you include that for add-ons. 

More information can be found at the respective product pages:

PrimeX 41

PrimeX 22

PrimeX 13W

PrimeX 13

PrimeX series cameras are shipping now. Please contact us for any questions.

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