on décembre 7, 2023

Trivisios Junior is a first breakthrough towards the consumer market which allows the user to explore his augmented environment hands-free.


on octobre 12, 2023

Motive 3.1 is here! Introducing trained markersets, enhanced sensor fusion, full USB camera support, and so much more.


on avril 19, 2023

Today’s medical training organizations are expected to push students toward deep learning so they can perform better on the job from day one.


on avril 3, 2023

Perception Neuron is a cutting-edge motion capture technology developed by Noitom, a leading innovator in the field of motion capture.


on juillet 12, 2022

OptiTrack today released Motive 3.0, a rebuilt version of its intuitive software to further simplify high-quality, low latency performance capture and…


on avril 21, 2021

Eyeware is a Swiss computer vision company based in Martigny that develops eye tracking software for cars, smartphones, laptops and more. They enable…


on mai 14, 2020

Reserve your limited seat for this exclusive keynote webinar and demonstration of the new EXO GLOVE that includes 30 minutes of live Q & A with…


on mars 10, 2020

VIPER provides new, robust motion tracking solutions for manufacturing, immersive leisure, automotive environments, and virtual and augmented reality…


on février 14, 2020

OptiTrack released the new PrimeX camera series, replacing all Primes : PrimeX13, PrimeX13W, PrimeX22 and PrimeX41


on février 2, 2020

How to connect your Oculus Quest to Vizard and Vizible using the new Oculus Link Update


on août 2, 2017

With an expanded feature set and redesigned user interface, Motive 2.0 advances its precision human and object tracking capabilities.


on avril 17, 2016

Polhemus, the global leader in precision motion tracking, has released a Unity® scripts package for use with its motion tracking products.


on novembre 10, 2015

TEA offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the analysis of human behaviour.


on octobre 13, 2015

Polhemus announces Micro Sensor 1.8™ Extra Flex Sensors are now available for the Polhemus wearable G4™ motion tracking system.


on mai 28, 2015

OptiTrack offers a blend of performance and usability that producesbiomechanically-relevant motion capture data.


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