Polhemus Releases Micro-Sized Sensors for G4

Polhemus, the global industry leader in motion tracking, announces Micro Sensor 1.8™ Extra Flex Sensors are now available for the Polhemus wearable G4™ motion tracking system.

Tiny micro sensors that measure only 1.8 millimeters OD (Outer Diameter) sport cables that are so flexible and lightweight, you can easily wrap them around an object, a finger, or almost anything that moves. The Micro Sensor 1.8 Extra Flex Sensors combined with the G4 tracking system opens the door for new applications and provides more options with sensor versatility than ever before. 

The new Micro Sensor 1.8 Extra Flex Sensors attach easily and quickly with the Micro Mounts 1.8 option; sensors slide through reusable mounts and adhere easily to the body or objects. Boasting an update rate of 120 Hz, the standard Polhemus G4 motion tracking system allows tracking up to three objects or body segments, and allows you to scale up by adding additional hardware. Track precise finger movement, attach lightweight sensors to an HMD, or track right through gloves. As with all Polhemus products, no line-of-sight is necessary for full 6DOF continuous tracking.

Micro Sensors 1.8 are waterproof, meeting the international standard CEI/IEC 60529 at the IP67 level. The sensors are completely embeddable, providing the user with further options.

„Polhemus continues to develop tracking advancements that power the world’s most innovative research, realistic training and simulation, and healthcare applications some never thought possible. The release of Micro Sensor 1.8 Extra Flex gives users more options than ever to innovate,“ said Skip Rodgers, Polhemus President.

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